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Working to Train Future Teachers


The Cerritos Teacher Track Program was designed to help high school and out-of-school youth interested in teaching get into the teaching profession. However the program was having issues supporting the prospective participants in meeting the entrance requirements.


Using CalGrip funds SELACO supported a partnership between SELACO, Southbay Center for Community Development (SCCD), Cerritos College and Cal State Long Beach. The project is the Teacher Pathway Program. SELACO’s funds supported the development of a bridge program that offered remedial support and training to support skills in early childhood development. WIA funds supported the cost of work experience in pre-school and after school programs and support services. Students successfully completing the bridge program transitioned into the Cerritos Teacher Track program. Students participated in cohorts receiving counseling and tutoring support from both the college and the SCCD. Upon completion of the Teacher Track Program, students moved directly into the Cal State Long Beach program to complete one more year of study and their credential program.


This was a four-year partnership. The first two years SELACO support cost with CalGrip and WIA funds. SCCD secured foundation funds to support the cohorts. The last two years the College secured CalGrip money and SELACO supported training, work experience and support services with WIA funds. SCCD secured additional foundation money.

Submitted by SELACO, Cerritos, CA
September 11, 2013